Fabian  Erler Photography
Peter-Becker-Straße 4, 4700 Eupen, Belgium
T +32 499 209826

my name is Fabian and I capture moments that matter to you. Thanks for stopping by.

Whether it’s the big “Yes”, a product or invention that is going to change the world, or just random serendipity, I am passionate about helping you save that memory.

Ever since my dad gifted me his old one, my camera has been a loyal companion. From growing up with the raw energy of punk rock shows to the serenity and calm of wide and open spaces, sharing the stories of people in their surroundings is what I enjoy most. I speak German, French, and English, but it’s the language of photography that I speak best.

You can find me in the triangle between Belgium, Germany, and Holland where I live with my wife and two daughters and I’ll go on an adventure wherever and whenever you need me to. Because it’s about the things that are often hard to describe in words that sometimes need to get captured with an image. So if you feel that way too, I would love to hear from you.